Just a quick blog post. I absolutely love the song “The Sky is Crying”. It’s a pretty standard blues track – most blues artists do it at some point, whether they record it or not. Just tonight, I learned of a new version by the Kansas City blues artist Little Hatch:

Previously, I’ve been a huge fan of the Stevie Ray Vaughan and George Thorogood versions.

SRV seems to really feel the pain in the song, while GT is able to really bring it into the blues rock genre like nobody else. Other artists that have decided to make it their own include the Allman Brothers (in tribute to Duane Allman), Eric Clapton, Sonny Boy Williams, and Albert King. I love that this song has nearly every blues musician in its artist list. The song itself encapsulates everything I love about the blues: making that guitar whine, sharing your pain, and beautiful imagery.

If you know of a version you think I haven’t heard yet, please send it along.

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